Our Story

Woodlawn Resort and Campground is our pride and joy.  Starting after Randy and Judie made their name as teachers some 40 years ago Randy Crumb had a dream to own a campground.  In spite of his lovely wife talking sense into him and staying in their current career as educators Randy started looking.  After looking for a while they found a few places they wanted to visit.  After visiting they came upon Woodlawn Resort and Campground on Lake Minnewaska, which had been around 25 years already.  One major thing was missing, a campground.  This did not discourage the dream of Randy.  After discussing some possibilities of buying the resort with its 7 cabins and no campground on beautiful lake Minnewaska they decided to take the plunge into the unknown of resort ownership.

Now 40 years later Woodlawn Resort and Campground still exits with 30 wooded beautiful campsites behind the 7 original cabins from the time of purchase, with many different areas of enhancement.  Woodlawn is formed in a figure eight with the campsites in the wooded back of the property and the cabins facing the lake to the front of the property.

Woodlawn Resort and Campground has grown up entirely family owned and ran from the time Randy and Judie moved into cabin one as they took over ownership, to the time Scott moved into the same cabin after he married Meghan.  Now Scott is in the process of taking over the business from his father and mother to hopefully run it for another 40 years.

Our story is one that grows with the people of the resort.  Our family grew up with the families that came and went year after year here at Woodlawn.  We know nothing different and we know there are hard times with weather, but over all happy times of memories in the lake and learning to ride a bicycle down our driveway.  Woodlawn Resort and Campground is a gem among a small league of family campgrounds that offer stays for tenters as well as those who prefer a roof over their head.  Woodlawn is not the condo by the lake and if Scott can help it, it will never become that.  We cater to the families who enjoy time at the lake,  near the campfire, and making memories that last a lifetime.

So give us a try and see if you can start your camping story just as we have with the many customers that have come and gone through out the years!  Hope to hear from you and thank you for stopping by..